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A BIG THANK YOU to our flight sponsor Bidair, who helps us transport animals in need to places of safety. To visit their website please click on the image above.

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Success Stories

TRIXIE HOMED – It all started when Melisa Frank (who is part of the animal network, email and on facebook) forwarded me an email from Michelle Du Toit with the attached pic on Wednesday 22nd June 2011 as follows :

“Please Help” On Friday (17 June) I found these two on the N1/M5 Koeberg Interchange. They were desperately thin, soaked to the bone, terrified but totally attached to each other. It appears that the white one may have beenTrixie knocked by a car at some stage, and would periodically sit down to be tended by its companion. After two very long hours of trying to herd them so as to keep them on the middle island in safety (during which period they guzzled my apples) the SPCA arrived and together with some of the construction team from the interchange we were able to catch them. Throughout the process they would stick together, venturing apart a little so as to eat the cat food we were throwing, and then go back to each other for reassurance, pressing the length of their bodies against each other. These dogs have been out there on their own for a long time, and are pathetically skinny. But throughout the entire ordeal they remained friendly towards us, barking in confusion at one stage but with tails still wagging madly. And once on the lead walked meakly at heel, as though having been trained to do so. Please guys – can anyone foster? Or provide a good forever home? MUST GO TOGETHER. And they will need loads of extra love and care. But they are clearly friendly and will be very handsome hounds (look at those tails) and I am convinced would make loving and faithful companions. Their admission numbers at SPCA are 8XXXX or 8XXXX. Anne knows about them there. I am happy to pay the ‘bail out fee / adoption fee” for one if someone will take the pair. Michelle

I spoke to Anne at the SPCA and she informed me of the process of keeping the dogs for 7 days in case their owners come to collect them, after that they are checked over by their vet and put up for adoption. 7 days went by and no one came forward. Margie (SPCA) phoned on Friday night (24/7/2011); Unfortunately Wolf (white male gsd) had hip dysplasia and was in a lot of pain, I could not take Wolf being in constant pain and just prolonging the inevitable, so while he was still under anaesthetic from his x-rays the decision was made to put him out of his misery (never an easy choice to make).
Melisa came to the rescue again, she knew a lady who could help me out with a flight for free. I started the process to adopt Trixie (black female Belgian shepherd) all with the help of the people mentioned below who were there every step of the way making it possible for Hugo and I to adopt Trixie and finally pick her up from OR Tambo airport on Friday 8th July 2011.
Our love and gratitude always to: Michelle Du Toit / Melisa Frank / Joseph, security guard at PGWC, Max, construction site manager at Group 5 / Margie and Anne – Cape of Good Hope SPCA / Mpho Randburg – SPCA / BidAir WATERSHED ANIMAL RESCUE AND REHABILITATION FUND for organizing the flight from Cape Town and Wendy Burrows from Jo-burg / Julie Morris – Border Collie Rescue and Denay Saunders – Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre for crate and assistance / Wendy Ludlam, Hazel Beswick and Lorraine Rabie for moral support and everyone else who helped, but especially to Michelle for stopping her car that day, the rescue and changing so many lives for the better!! I only hope I have not left anyone out.


Trixie has settling down wonderfully and gaining weight nicely. She loves her walks by the river, playing with her toys, her new siblings and us, her mommy and daddy whom give her lots of attention and cuddles. She has become the baby in our family and knows it. She is so adorable, we love her to bits! Our love always Debbie and Hugo Bradfield.



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